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Предметы стариныWelcome to our online store of antiques. Here you will find a large selection of amazing things that will be a worthy completion of your collections.

In this age of mass production market is filled with the same type of stamped products, and digital technology supplanted tangible media. This only increased the interest of these aesthetes to exclusives and antiquities. Antiques nepodvlasten volatile fashion: the true alues ​​are eternal and immutable. Each antiques stores a unique history. Becoming the owner of it, you are attached to this story and give it a sequel.

Who are our customers? First of all, it is enthusiastic people, collectors, collecting, for example, antique maps and rints. We also work with designers who are looking for things to process copyright interiors. Many customers come to us to buy at the store antiques thing, which will become a family heirloom, handed down from generation to generation, or pick up a special gift for friends, relatives, business partners. Of course, use our services, and business people who know that the collection of antiques - is not only interesting, but also a profitable occupation. After all, old things are one of the most reliable sources of investment: over the years, its value will only increase.

In our store you can buy antique documents, books, photographs, stamps, coins, porcelain and more. We guarantee the authenticity of all the curiosities and we assist in the formation of the various collections. In addition, here you can use the services of assessment and help in the subsequent implementation of antiquities.